The following is a list of frequently asked questions about Gonkipedia.

Q: What the hell is a gonk?

A: That's a complex question. Wikipedia defines it as a type of extinct plush toy. This wiki primarily concerns itself with the power droid from the Star Wars franchise (characterized by his primary utterance, as heard in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope—"Gonk").

Q: A whole wiki for one droid? Really?

A: Gonk is not just any droid. See Cult of the Power Droids for more details.

Q: Can I write my own Gonk fan-fiction and post it here?

A: Absolutely! ...As long as it's about Gonk or a similar power droid.

Q: Is this another one of those stupid Star Wars splinter wikis?

A: No, this one is not stupid.

Q: I'm having a crisis of faith. Can you help me?

A: Of course, my child. Accept G*nk into your heart and be reborn in His boxy, waddling image.

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