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Gonkipedia, the Cult of the Power Droids Wiki
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Gonkipedia News
  • June: Gonkipedia, the Cult of the Power Droids wiki, goes on official hiatus by decree of G*nk. The hiatus is expected to last anywhere from a few months to many months.
  • Mar. 26: Shittipedia is erased by Wikia staffers, presumably for some sort of violation of something or other. Gonkipedia goes back to having only one official friend.
  • Mar. 25: Gonkipedia and Shittipedia become Official Friends.
  • Mar. 18: Gonkipedia and Darthipedia become Official Friends.
  • Feb. 3: Gonkipedia is created.
  • Feb. 2: Gonkipedia's Wikia Request is created.

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