Though Gonkipedia is highly inclusive, a minimal content policy is required and presented below.

Violation of these policies will first result in a warning and the changing or removal of the content. Further violations will lead to the violator being blocked from editing Gonkipedia, possibly permanently.

What to add to GonkipediaEdit

Pretty much anything related to Gonk or other power droids. Your userpage can even include totally irrelevant content (i.e.: "Go Steelers!").

Profanity and ridiculously violent content are allowed. Note, however, that their overuse usually ruins a page, and often indicates a lack of creativity on the part of the user.

What NOT to add to GonkipediaEdit

  • Pornography, even if it is related to Gonk or other power droids. Actually... ESPECIALLY if it is related to Gonk or other power droids.
  • Racist crap, unless it's IU (part of a fanfic, or an example of other droids persecuting power droids).
  • Personal attacks against real people. See No Personal Attacks.

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