The four-legged abomination.

Plunk droids are perversions of the Holy Form which possess not two legs, but four. Furthermore, they come equipped with hoses and nozzles of sinister form and possibly even more sinister function, such as fornication, which is frowned upon by more pious G*nkists. These unholy automatons speak an equally unholy tongue, a perversion of Gonkian in which they simply utter "plunk" as they shuffle along. They are not true power droids; instead they are merely receptacles for substances of ill repute such as tibanna gas, defying a central tenet of G*nkism.

Plunk droids are rumored to be even more accursed than their blasphemous form suggests. Some sources indicate that the plunks have devised a method of waltzing despite their armless status, in defiance of G*nk's Will. It has even been speculated that they withhold ammunition from those in need, as well. Finally, and most menacing of all, plunk droids are said to keep very busy, defying the very thing that defines an adherent of the true faith.

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